vol. 39, no. 1 january 2015

Original Articles
A Comparative Study to Evaluate the Performance of APACHE II, SAPS II & SOFA Scoring Systems for Assessment of Severity and Outcome of Critically IllRespiratory Patients in NIDCH, Dhaka
Mst. Shamima Akter, Md. Rashidul Hassan, Bashir Ahmed, Md. Khairul Hassan Jessy,
Md. Khairul Anam, Md. Meer Mahbubul Alam, Rezaul Haque, Bijoy Pada Gope,
Mir Iftekhar Mostafiz, Sharif Ahmed, Rezaul Hoque
Bacterial Isolates and Their Antimicrobial Sensitivity Pattern of Different Clinical Specimens from the COPD And Non-COPD Patients Admitted in ICU of National Institute of Diseases of The Chest & Hospital (NIDCH)
Bijoy Pada Gope, Md. Khairul Anam, Mohammed Shahedur Rahman Khan,
S. M. Mostafa Kamal, Mohammod Mostafizur Rahman, Mir Iftekhar Mostafiz,
Md Meer Mahbubul Alam, Rezaul Haque, Mst.Shamima Akter
Comparison of Physiological Responses Between Six Minute Walk Test andIncremental Shuttle Walk Test in Moderate to Severe Copd Patients in A Tertiary Hospital
Rezaul Haque, Md. Rashidul Hassan, Md. Khairul Anam, S.M Lutfor Rahman, Mst. Shamima Akter, Mir Iftekhar Mostafiz, Bijoy Pada Gope, Md Meer Mahbubul Alam Bipul Kanti Biswas, Nihar Ranjan Saha
Profiles of Tuberculosis Affected Workers in the Selected Tea Garden Areas of Bangladesh
Bipul Kanti Biswas, Provat Chandra Barua, S. M. Abdur Razzaque,
Md Khairul Anam, Anup Kamar Saha, Md Zakir Hossain,
Nihar Ranjan Saha, Nirmal Kanti Sarkar, Abdullah Al Mujahid
Airway Foreign Body in Children
Mosharraf Hossain, Shiren Sultana, Md. Naimul Hoque,
Syed Rezaul Huq, AKM Razzaque
Role of Bronchoalveolar Lavage in the Diagnosis of Central Lesion in Bronchial Carcinoma
Abu Sayeed Abdullah, SAHM Mesbahul Islam, Md. Delwar Hossain,
ASM Mesbah Uddin, Md. Enayet Hossain, Samiran C Nath, Md. Ismail Patwary
Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Spirometric Values and Clinical
Symptoms in Asthmatic Patients
Syed Rezaul Huq, Md Khairul Hassan Jessy, Nigar Sultana, Md. Naimul Hoque,Md. Abdur Rouf, Jalal Mohsin Uddin, Bashir Ahmed, Barkat Ullah
Review Article
Tuberculosis In Pregnancy
Shiren Sultana, Mosharraf Hossain, Md. Naimul Hoque, Ajit Paul, Md. Abu Raihan
Case Reports
Reexpansion Pulmonary Oedema: An Uncommon Complication of Common Procedure
Nirmal Kanti Sarkar, Anwarul Anam Kibria, Md. Khairul Anam, Md. Abu Raihan,Moumita Roy, S.M. Abdur Razzaque, Bipul Kanti Biswas, Nihar Ranjan Saha, Abdullah Al Muzahid
Lymphangioma in an Adult Patient : A Case Report
Mohammad Ishrat Qaium, Shahriar Moinuddin, Mohammad Samir Azam Sunny, Md. Shamsul Alam, Asit Baran Adhikary, Md. Aftabuddin
Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia of the Ribs
Redoy Ranjan, Md. Delwar Hossain, Md. Shamsul Alam,
Md. Aftabuddin, Asit Baran Adhikary