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Name: THE CHEST AND HEART ASSOCIATION OF BANGALDESH .(hereinatter referred to as the association)

Registered office : yourtrustytime The referred office of the association shall be at 7/1, Dhanmondi residential area,Road no-05,Dhaka-5

History: The Chest & heart Association of bangladesh was formed at 1974 with 7 life member and 20 general members to exchange knowledge and views relating scientific affairs among the specialist dostors. Now the association is runing with 289 life members and 432 general members. The activities of this association also expanded in various aspects.

 The Objective of the association :
(a). to promote collaboration among medical scientists interst in chest and heart diseases and in allied matters;
(b). to encourage and undertake research and other scientific work in the field of chest and deart diseases;
(c). to co-operate with  other national and international orgainsations for research and dissemination of knowledge in the field of chest and heart diseases;
(d) to publish scientific journals, periodicals and health education materials;
(e) to organise and maintain a library of the Association;
(f) to render services to and promote rehabilitation programme for the chest and heart patients;
(g) to establish branches of the association in different parts of the country;
(h) to organise conferences and seminars in the field of chest and heart diseases;
(i) to perform all other functions which may be necessary for fulfilment of the above mentioned objecs.

 Funds: The income of the Association shall exalusively be spent towards the attainment and promotion of the objects of the Association.

In the event of dissolution there shall remain , after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the association but shall be given or transferred to some other society of similar nature, to be determined by the votes of not less then ohree fifth of the members present personally or by proxy at the time of dissolution or in default thereof by the count of law.

 Composition of the Association:

The Association shall consist of the following:
(a). Cjoef {atrpm
(b). Patrpms
(c). Life Members
(d). Ordinary Members
(e). Associate Members

 Chief patron: The President of the people's Republic of Bangladesh Shall be the chief Patron of the Association.

patron : Subject to the Approval of the Executive Committee any person may become a patron of the Association of payment of Tk.20,000

Life Member : Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, any person who is Qualified to be an Ordinary Member may become a life member of the Association on payment of tk,3,000 (BDT).

 Ordinary Members : Subject to approval of the Executive Committee any person Who--
     (a). has any post-graduate medical qualification in the field of chest and heart diseases : or

   (b) . has any post-graduate medical Qualification any has ,after acquiring such qualification, devoted considerable time in the field or chest and hhart diseases-

          (1) for at least five years, or
          (2) in case has published two papers in thesre specialisties, for at least three years

(c). is a medical graduate and has, after his graduation,
          (1) at least seven years experience in the field of chest or heart diseases, or
         (2). in case he has published tow papers in these specialistes, at least five years experience, may become an Ordinary Member of the Association on Payment of an annual Subscription of tk.300(BDT).

 Associate Members:Any Person who is not otherwise qualified to be an Ordinary Member , but is engaged in the field of chest and heart diseases , may subject to the approval of the Executive Committee , become an Associate Members on payment of an annual subscription of Tk. 200/- without any right to vote.

The Executive Committee :
(1) The management of the affairs of the Association shall vest in an  Executive Committee which shall consist of the following :

(a) a President ;

(b) two Vice-Presidents ;

(c) a Treasurer ;

(d) a General Secretary ;

(e) two Joint Secretaries ; and

(f) six Members .

(2) The President , the Vice-Presidents , the Treasurer , the General Secretary , the Joint Secretaries and the other six Members shall be elected by the life Members and Ordinary Members of the Association by ballot in a General meeting of the Association and they shall hold office for a period of three years.

(3) The Executive Committee may in its meeting co-opt Members from among the life Members and Ordinary Members of the Association.

(4) No act of proceeding of the Executive Committee shall be invalid merely by reason of the existence of any vacancy in , or any defect in the Constitution of the Executive committee.

(5) Any casual vacacy in the Executive Committee shall be filled by election at the next annual meeting of the Association and a person so elected shall hold office for the residue of the term of his predecessor.

Functions of the Executive Committee :

Without prejudice to its general power , the Executive Committee shall , in Particular have the following functions :

(a)    To receive, collect , manage and disburse funds ;

(b)   To keep and maintain proper accounts ;

(c)    To acquire , hold and dispose of property , both movable and immovable ;

(d)   To appoint and dismiss or to take any other disciplinary action against any employee of the Association;

(e)   To convene national or international conferences on matters relating to the diseases of chest or heart.

(f)     Generally to perform such other functions as it may consider necessary or expedient for the purpose of carrying out the object of the Association.

 Meetings of the  Executive committee :

 (1)    All meeting of the Executive committee shall be held at such times and places as the General Secretary ,in consultation with the President may appoint; provided that at least one meeting of the Executive committee shall be held once in three months.

(2)    An ordinary meeting of the Executive committee shall be held by at least seven day ’s  notice which , together with the agenda of the meeting , shall be signed and issued by the general secretary.

(3)    An emergent meeting of the Executive committee may be called by the President , or by the General Secretary in consultation with the President , by twenty four hours notice.

(4)    No business shall be transacted at any meeting of the Executive committee unless a quorum of five members is present.

(5)    All matters at a meeting of the Executive committee shall be decided by the votes of the majority of the members present and voting.

(6)    Each member of the Executive committee shall have one vote and in the case of equality of votes the person presiding shall have a second or casting vote.

 15.President : The President shall preside over the meeting of the Executive committee and also of the Association , and shall supervise the activities of the Association.

 16.Vice President : Where the office of the President is vacant or the President is unable to perform his duties due to illness or any other cause the senior of the two Vice-president according to age shall act as President.


The Treasurer shall –

(a) have the charge of the funds of the Association ;

(b) sign all cheques for payment of bills authorised by the Executive committee ;

(c) receive all payment on behalf of the Association ,

(d) keep proper accounts of the Association ;

General Secrtary :

The General Secretary shall –

(a) keep thcie minutes and records of all  meetings of the Association and of the executive Committee.

(b) be the custodian of all records and properties of all Association.

(c) Be Responsible for convening all meetings of the Associaton and of the Executive Committee;

(d) make and recive all correspondences in respect of the Association;

(e) Prepare the budget to bd submitted, with the approval of the Executive Committee to the Annual General Meeting;

(f) bd responsible for the proper execution of all decisions of the Association and of the Executive Committee

Joint Secretaries: the Joint Secretaries Shall assist the General Secretary in the performances of the duties.

 Fund :

(1). The Funds of the Association  Shall be kept in the Savings Account of a  Bank Approved by the executive Committee.

 (2) The bank Account of the Association shall be operated jointly by General secretary and either the Treasurer of the President.

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